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Aleksandra Brito

Aleksandra Brito was born and raised in the beautiful country of Brazil. In search of a better home for her family she decided to call Massachusetts home. Aleksandra, just like many other immigrants, was eager to adapt to the American way of life and work hard to ensure her children had a better future. In doing so, Aleksandra found her love of bookkeeping and accounting after spending 10 years working for a top notch accounting firm in the greater Boston area. As she continued assisting clients, learning tax laws and regulations, Aleksandra became eager to have her very own Tax Accounting business. Aleksandra decided to call Framingham home when she first opened the doors of Alek Tax and more 15 years ago. Since then, the tax business has become a recognized brand for many entrepreneurs, especially those working in construction and hospitality. Aleksandra specializes in tax filings and insurance audits. Aleksandra is able to help her clients in Portuguese, Spanish and English making sure they feel comfortable through the whole process. Aleksandra’s fierce and bold reputation has gained her a leadership position amongst many others in her industry. 

Aleksandra Brito
Washington Brito

Washington Brito

Washington Brito grew up watching his mother Aleksandra Brito run the family tax business. You can say he knew and understood taxes better than most teenagers growing up. Washington knew that as soon as he was able too, he would join the family business and work alongside his mother. Today, Washington works with Aleksandra Brito at Alek Tax and More to ensure that clients are being assisted and handled with the most outer care and professionalism. Washington specializes in Insurance Audits for both general liability and workers compensation insurance. When Washington is not assisting clients, he is taking care of his 3 boys and keeping up with their endless energy at the park. Washington is devoted to his family the same way he is devoted to his family business.

Matthew Brito

Matthew Brito knew he would always work with his mother Aleksandra. Although their personalities at times are polar opposites, it’s their fast pace spirit and ability to think and advocate for their clients that has made them a perfect match at Alek tax and More. Matthew has been working on personal income tax returns for over 10 years. He enjoys working with families and seeing how much he could help them save over the years. Matthew works daily with his mother and brother giving the top notch service they are all known for. Matthew can also assist his clients in Portuguese, Spanish and English, making the process smooth and easy. When Matthew is not working on tax returns, he enjoys spending time with his son and wife. They enjoy their quiet time especially on Saturday, as they consider it a day of rest and tranquility.

Our Services

At Alek Tax & More our services extend further that just business and personal taxes. We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for many of our community members, especially our small business owners, in Metrowest.


Business Taxation

As professional tax accountants in MA, we work with countless clients throughout Metrowest and Worcester County. We help your business with taxes, accounting, payroll, or HR compliance. We service many businesses to ensure they are accurately filing their quarterly and annual returns.


Individual Taxation

You don’t have to worry about incorrectly filing your personal taxes. With Alek Tax & More accountant’s, you will be able to quickly and accurately process and file your tax return while still receiving the individual attention you deserve.


Back Taxes Owed

If you have suffered from either back taxes or unfiled taxes, there is a resolution process with our team. In often cases, you may not have the money to pay the taxes, however it is important that you always file. The IRS and MA State will never negotiate with you until they have your returns filed.


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  • Business Formation (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp)
  • Business Taxes
  • Personal Taxes
  • Back Taxes
  • IRS Audit
  • Workers Compensation Audit
  • General Liability Audit
  • Income Verification Letter

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