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Tax Planning & Management

Business Tax

As professional tax accountants in MA, we work with countless clients throughout Metrowest and Worcester County. We help your business with taxes, accounting, payroll, or HR compliance. We service many businesses to ensure they are accurately filing their quarterly and annual returns.

Individual Taxation

You don’t have to worry about incorrectly filing your personal taxes. With Alek Tax & More accountant’s, you will be able to quickly and accurately process and file your tax return while still receiving the individual attention you deserve.


Back Taxes Owed

If you have suffered from either back taxes or unfiled taxes, there is a resolution process with our team. In often cases, you may not have the money to pay the taxes, however it is important that you always file. The IRS and MA State will never negotiate with you until they have your returns filed.

Audit Representation 

Alek Tax & More can throughly analyse and defend your case giving you a piece of mind. Our accountants will take their time to understand your background and story. We will thoroughly explain the audit process to you. Following our analysis, we will identify the best outcomes and recommended strategies. 

Aleksandra gives you tough love but her results guarantee a strong business with cashflow for years to come.

– Greta Bajrami – CEO of Golden Group Construction

Aleksandra is someone that takes the time to explain to me and my wife all the steps and what will occur. She takes the time to educate me on my finances and helps me make better financial decisions.

– Luis Clavijo

Aleksandra helped me with an IRS tax audit. I was afraid I would have to face fees and additional expenses. She was able to help me, and actually got me money back.

– Shadie Shabani

Aleksandra helped me file my TIEN and ensured I was in compliance with my work visa. She is kind and helpful to new immigrants that have recently moved to the United States.

– Italo Siguencia

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Accounts Payable


Payments to vendors, keeping track of spending, approval processes for vendor payments (making sure you don’t double-pay or pay for a service that you didn’t ask for, etc). Since we also file taxes, our bookkeeping is recorded with tax time in mind.

Opening of LLC, Corporation, S-Corp

It is crucial to understand the financial and tax accounting structures your new business will need to thrive. A good Accountant will explain the different structures for business setup, such as a corporation, single proprietorship, or LLC.


of small business owners feel they aren’t very knowledgeable when it comes to finances and accounting.

Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service.

It has been our pleasure over the years to help both business and individuals with their accounting, tax preparations and tax planning. Our main focus has been hospitality, construction, entertainment, and food & beverage industry clients.

Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service.  These are the principles we've built our business on.
alek tax and more accounting

Aleksandra Brito has extensive experience helping tax payers with tax problems including late returns, missed filings, and negotiating back taxes & penalties. 


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  • Business Taxes
  • Personal Taxes
  • Back Taxes
  • IRS Audit
  • Workers Compensation Audit
  • General Liability Audit
  • Income Verification Letter

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